Company Info


  • 2016

    July : Started construction of 2nd factory in [Yedang industrial complex factory] site
    June : Certified as Promising Export SME
    April : Certified as Main-biz from [Small & Medium Business Administration]
    Certified as Inno-biz from [Small & Medium Business Administration]
    March : Certified as a venture company from [Korea Technology Finance Corporation]
  • 2015

    December : Designed, manufactured and installed the production line in [“T” Corporation]
    Capital increase with consideration (140,000$)
    November : Certified Voluntary Safety Confirmation
    Certified as a professional company of material, machinery parts from [Ministry of Trade,Industry and Energy]
    October : Purchased [Yedang industrial complex factory] site : For chemical business promotion
    3 Patent application : Multi mixer device for smashing and mixing material and 2 others
    Registered as a member of [Korea International Trade Association]
    Certified ISO 9001:2008 [Quality Management Systems]
    Registered as R&D Center in [Korea Industrial Technology Association]
    Manufactured & installed Laboratory extruder in [Korea Institute of Industrial Technology]
    July : Concluded the maintenance contract with [“B” Corporation(Korea branch)]
  • 2014

    November : Concluded an exclusive contract with [“C” Corporation(Germany)] of installation works in [“B” Corporation(Korea branch)] in Yesan
    June : Manufactured and installed extruders(sheet line) in [Korea Institute of Industrial Technology]
    April : Registered in [Korea Institute of Industrial Technology]
  • 2013

    November : Manufactured and installed Module for Extruder line of High-Functional films
    October : Registered as a partner of [Industry - Academic cooperative foundation of “H” univ.]
  • 2012

    November : developed, manufactured and installed LFT AUTO CONVEYOR in Onyang factory of [“L” Chemical corporation]
    August : Registered as a partner of Anyang laboratory of [“L” Chemical corporation]
  • 2011

    November : Manufactured and installed High pressure pneumatic conveying device (Factory of “S”Corporaion in Milyang)
    April : Developed High & low pressure pneumatic conveying device
  • 2010

    June : Developed WPC Extruder
    June : Established SH Tech corporation